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Information for the 2016-2017 School Year

By Amber Veltkamp, Preschool Director


Hi! My name is Amber Veltkamp and I am the preschool director at Grace Lutheran Preschool. I am very excited to work with you and your child. I have a degree in Elementary Education with an Early Childhood minor from Montana State University. Working with young children and their families has always been a passion of mine and I am glad I have the opportunity to continue that here at Grace Lutheran Preschool. 


Grace Lutheran is a non-profit preschool that strives to provide spiritual, social, and cognitive growth to the preschool child through active learning experiences. All tuition goes towards preschool costs. This program is open to all and does not discriminate against any race, color, or ethnic origin.


Above all things, Grace Lutheran Preschool is Christ-centered. It is our objective to begin the child’s education in the light of God’s love and under the influence of the Gospel’s message. We hope that we can demonstrate God’s love to children through every aspect of the curriculum. In addition, we will teach social skills, pre-reading skills, letter recognition, counting, math skills, and beginning writing skills.

Grace Preschool is a program of Grace Lutheran Church. Our preschool is under the direct supervision of the Board of Education of the Congregation.

Classes Offered:

    Early Childhood Class (ages 3 ½ - 4)

            Child needs to be 3 ½ by September and fully potty trained.

            Classes are held Tuesday and Thursday 9:00- 11:30

                    Tuition per month $75.00

    Pre-Kindergarten Class (ages 4-5)

            Classes are held Tuesday and Thursday 12:30-3:00

                    Tuition per month $75.00

Policies and Procedures

Tuition will be due on the 1st of every month. The tuition is $75 each month starting in September and ending in May. Our preschool is a non-profit, so we need a monthly commitment from each family to keep our program running smoothly. If tuition is not paid two months in a row, your child will be released from the program. If you need to discuss payment options please contact our Board of Education Director Karen Rose at 580-9061. Please make checks payable to: Grace Lutheran Church and write in the memo what month you are paying for.

A newsletter and calendar will be sent home each month to tell you about themes, birthdays, field trips, Bible study, and other fun and exciting activities!

We will follow the Three Forks Public School calendar, as far as days off and holidays.

We ask parents to provide snacks for the preschool. Please write your child’s name on the box or package that your child is sharing. When we are in need of more snacks we will send a note home. 

Parent volunteers are more than welcome at Grace Lutheran Preschool. If you are interested in volunteering please talk with me and we can set up a time that best fits the preschool and your schedule.

Should you need to contact me, my phone number is 580-8454 and the church number is 285-6865. Please feel free to call me anytime with any questions or concerns. An open house invitation, calendar and supply list will be mailed to you in August. Please download the registration and medical forms from this page and mail them to Amber Veltkamp, 7 Ava Way, Three Forks, MT 59752.

Sincere Blessings,

Amber Veltkamp